Carteret Ob Gyn Associates, PA

location_on28557 (Morehead City, NC 28557, USA)


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Comprehensive. Sensitive. User-friendly. Understanding. Surprisingly full of great ideas!!!!!!!!!!
Susan Schurer
Tom Vradelis is an extremely caring and professional doctor who has been in this practice for as long as I can remember. I have been seeing him for over 18 years and recommend him to anyone!
M Saikali
Highly recommend the.
The staff is very professional and work together to support patient care. I noticed the oversight and constant awareness of all members of the staff of what patients are experiencing at every stage of their visit.
Justen Infinito
Love the staff everyone is so caring and if it wasnt for one doctor in particualr i would have never gotten pregnant. Also when i was in labor the doctor i had help birth my daughter was awsome explained everything that happend and i needed to know
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